A Happy Marriage - A Novel

A Happy Marriage - A Novel

» 21.06.2016 21:43

A Happy Marriage - A Novel

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Ebook Details:

Author: Rafael Yglesias
ISBN: 9781441725394
Both intimate and expansive, Rafael Yglesiass new novel is the story of the relationship between Enrique Sabas and his wife, Margaret. Spanning thirty years, the novel alternates between the romantic misadventures of the first weeks of their courtship and the final months of Margarets life as she says good-bye to her family, friends, children, and Enrique.

Inspired by the authors own marriage to his wife, who died in 2004, this achingly honest story is about what it means for two people to spend a lifetime together and what makes a happy marriage. Bold, elegiac, and emotionally suspenseful, Yglesiass beautiful novel will encourage one with its clear-eyed evocation of the enduring value of marriage.

Title: A Happy Marriage - A Novel

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Book Condition:BRAND NEW

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A Happy Marriage - A Novel Read

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License key received - thanks for quick response!
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A Happy Marriage - A Novel Ebook

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Big Thanks
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A Happy Marriage - A Novel Kindle

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A Happy Marriage - A Novel EPUB

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A Happy Marriage - A Novel MOBI Kindle

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