Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution

Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution

» 07.09.2017 07:30

Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution

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Author: Seyong Lee
ISBN: 9783659204876
This book explores compile-time and runtime techniques to improve programmability and to enable adaptive execution of programs in emerging architectures such as GPGPUs. First, this dissertation examines the possibility of exploiting OpenMP shared memory programming model on GPGPUs. This book presents a compiler framework for automatic translation and optimization of OpenMP applications for executing on GPGPUs. Second, this research studies runtime tuning systems to adapt applications dynamically. In preliminary work, an adaptive runtime tuning system with emphasis on parallel irregular applications has been proposed. Third, this research work focuses on creating an integrated framework where both the compiler framework and the tuning system are synergistically combined, such that compiler-translated GPGPU applications will be seamlessly adapted for the underlying system. For this goal, a new programming interface, called OpenMPC - OpenMP extended for CUDA, is proposed. Experiments on various programs demonstrate that the proposed system achieves performance comparable to hand-coded CUDA programs.

Title: Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution

Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution MOBI Kindle

» 12.09.2017 00:34

thanks you are the best
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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution Ebook EPUB

» 13.09.2017 12:24

+5 Rep added. Thanks for sharing.
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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution EPUB

» 19.09.2017 13:35

Thanks in advance for the download link
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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution Ebook DOCX

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Thanks for the share. Max reps.
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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution Ebook PDF

» 21.09.2017 13:06

hello - thanks for this epic share..
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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution Ebook

» 26.09.2017 18:40

+5 added..excellent share mate...
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Toward Compiler-Driven Adaptive Execution Read

» 28.09.2017 21:02

works great.nice first share. +rep to you
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