Horace: Behind the Public Poetry

Horace: Behind the Public Poetry

» 07.09.2017 19:10

Horace: Behind the Public Poetry

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Author: Horace] Lyne, R.O.A.M.
ISBN: 9780300063226
This study of one of the poets of the Augustan Age sheds light on Horaces works by the way it combines literary analysis with investigation into the poets social and political circumstances. Lynes approach focuses on the poets relations with his patron Maecenas, with the Emperor Augustus, and with other grandees. Closely analyzing poems from "Satires", "Odes", and "Epistles", Lyne reveals not only Horaces public literature, but the private man behind it. He shows how Horace balanced deference with the careful assertion of his own social and political standing. According to Lyne, Horace was a master of private insinuation, as well as a skilled maker of public poetry. He was also a master in the art of ordering his works: exactly where a poem occurs is often of the subtlest importance. Lyne also examines the resumption of the great political lyric in the "Odes" of Book 4 (set aside in 23 BC), and contends that, beneath the public face, Horace here exhibited resentment, recording views that undermined earlier patriotic statements.

Title: Horace: Behind the Public Poetry

Publisher: Yale University Press

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:Used - Like New

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Horace: Behind the Public Poetry Ebook PDF

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Thanks - It just says it is queued. Not downloading. Used both links.
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Horace: Behind the Public Poetry Ebook MOBI

» 24.09.2017 13:37

Awesome - thank you for this share.
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Horace: Behind the Public Poetry Ebook

» 02.10.2017 18:55

reps for this share man :)
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