Names I Cant Remember

Names I Cant Remember

» 09.10.2017 03:06

Names I Cant Remember

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In 1969, I was homeless, hungry, unemployed and living in an abandoned church parsonage. I enlisted in the army for food and a warm bed as a typist. The honor and glory lured me into hell. I became combat platoon leader and assassin for my country responsible for the lives of 50 men of nineteen. The language is prose poetry that lingers in the mind. The characters are the simple and spiritual survivors that lived in my soul for thirty years. They are the quiet hero rebels of the days we got lost in arrogance.

"In 1968, kids bartered dreams for beds and burgers and were never seen again. I miss those children, those cocky rebels in The Radical Ice-Cream Blue Rag Café and (ssshhh) Demolition Society. I wish I could have gone back to tell them how old killing, booze, and guilt made me. I couldn’t. I still had to learn if we hadn’t gambled our lives to beat the boredom with a joint of lonely, maybe we could have finished being young tasting every morsel of life to come; memories are feasts to the starving."

Title: Names I Cant Remember

Book Condition:New

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Names I Cant Remember MOBI

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Thanks for this share.
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Names I Cant Remember PDF Online

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+5 reps added for this awesome share but not going to use it at the moment. :)
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Names I Cant Remember Ebook MOBI

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Really useful material here. +REP added
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Names I Cant Remember Ebook MOBI

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If you really lazy enough to download these, it is better not do download, anyways these are going to be digital waste in your disk!!
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Names I Cant Remember Read

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Thanks and Rep+ to you.
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Names I Cant Remember PDF Online

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great share man, Rep is coming for you :)
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Names I Cant Remember Ebook PDF

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Killer share man!
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