Birkets Gold

Birkets Gold

» 17.06.2016 20:11

Birkets Gold

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Ebook Details:

Author: Robert J. Watson
ISBN: 9781462666713
The Prussian war effort needed Money. American backers chose the Nelson line to ship it. Shipping two million dollars worth of gold across the Atlantic ocean in a single ship was the worst-kept secret in New York. Robert Birket and his good friend and partner would face an unknown enemy. Forced to run further south, the S.S. Brandon Sherman heads into the devils triangle. The three raiders in hot pursuit. Fear of the raiders was outweighed only by the thought of the triangle. Would the devils triangle finally claim the life of Robert Birket and his ship mates? Or will the sailing skills of his best friend and partner William Hogarth get the shipment through?

Title: Birkets Gold

Publisher: America Star Books

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Hardcover

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Birkets Gold MOBI Kindle

» 24.06.2016 08:07

Thanks, great share
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Birkets Gold Ebook PDF

» 30.06.2016 04:19

Looks awesome. +5rep added.
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Birkets Gold PDF Online

» 01.07.2016 01:15

thx for the share... +5 rep added
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Birkets Gold Ebook PDF

» 09.07.2016 18:51

I think this could come in handy :-) Would love to have it ;D Rep added!
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Birkets Gold Ebook PDF

» 16.07.2016 07:18

+5 Rep added and thanks for the post.
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Birkets Gold Ebook DOCX

» 24.07.2016 09:48

Rep's added.
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Birkets Gold Ebook EPUB

» 28.07.2016 13:10

Awsome share :)
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Birkets Gold Ebook PDF

» 01.08.2016 13:51

Great share, would be cool to have it
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