WORK: The World in Photographs

WORK: The World in Photographs

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WORK: The World in Photographs

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Author: Ferdinand Protzman
ISBN: 9780792262046
Culled from National Geographics vast photographic archive as well as other important collections, this fascinating, wide-ranging volume presents a wonderfully varied group portrait of people at work?in great cities and tiny villages; in 19th-century China and 21st-century New York; in fields, factories, food carts, four-star restaurants, and just about everywhere else we earn our keep. We see cowboys and clowns, dancers and dog groomers, miners and models. On one page, drill sergeants bark orders to U.S. Navy recruits; on another, young Tibetan monks study Buddhist scriptures; and on another, Kenyan women spread coffee beans to dry.

Work is a subject that is both worldwide and personal. It is a shared endeavor at the very core of our identity. From the glamour of a Parisian fashion show to the grit of an African diamond mine, there are countless ways to make a living. The book illuminates scores of them?many in never-before-published photographs?offering revealing glimpses into various eras and cultures and engaging the reader with entertaining text and informative captions.

With a wonderful mix of the utterly unexpected and the instantly familiar, this vivid panorama takes an essential human activity and shows us myriad ways in which work is at once universal and delightfully, unforgettably unique.

Title: WORK: The World in Photographs

Publisher: U.S.A.: National Geographic

Publication Date: 2006

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:Fine

Dust Jacket Condition: Fine

Edition: 1st Edition.

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WORK: The World in Photographs Ebook MOBI

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WORK: The World in Photographs Ebook PDF

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WORK: The World in Photographs PDF Online

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I second the motion. Deads!
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WORK: The World in Photographs Ebook PDF

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WORK: The World in Photographs Ebook PDF

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Could anybody Re-Up this share . the link is down
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