The Scottish Nation

The Scottish Nation

» 09.09.2017 13:14

The Scottish Nation

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Author: William Anderson
ISBN: 9780788402463
The author had already spent ten years compiling the information that went into this history when the first volume was published. Upon its completion he declared the work to be, and his contemporaries agreed, the most complete of its kind ever assembled. The rich Scottish heritage can be successfully traced thanks to the practice of bestowing hereditary surnames, many of which found a permanent record in the many charters and other public deeds which still exist today. One of the objects of this series is to not only explain the origin of these surnames but to deliver an account of the families as well as the distinguished individuals within the families that bore them. The baronies of Scotland, associated with hereditary jurisdiction, were viewed as just short of regal and as such, an account of these honors provides an account of the territorial supremacy of a name and a family. A necessary supplement to the history of families is the history of titles which are key to understanding the social and political incidents that shaped the country. Above all other aspects perhaps the greatest light can be shed upon the Scottish nation when one studies the biographies of its most distinguished natives. This series embraces a wide range of people, comprising some names not met with in history but whose skill, labor, and genius have added to the greatness of their nation. Arranged alphabetically, there is a complete account of the surnames, titles, baronies, and general biographies of Scotland. The Scottish Nation is also richly decorated with autographs, seals, genealogical and titular tables as well as an abundance of illustrations and portraits, all taken from original or authentic sources. The author also pays particular attention to the literary accomplishments in Scottish history, creating, as he says, "a Bibliotheca Scottica." This series is truly a valuable collection of the antiquities, the literature, and the general and family histories of Scotland. Volume B: In the second volume comprising the "Bs" you will find interesting, well written, and comprehensive accounts of, among others, Robert Bailie of Jerviswood, distinguished patriot of the reign of Charles II known for his attachment to the causes of civil and religious liberty; James Browne, author of The History of the Highlands and of the Highland Clans; Elspeth Buchan, the founder of a sect, she claimed to have had a vision "in the fields" at age six or seven and at age thirty-four said that "the power of God wrought so powerfully upon her senses that she could make no use of food for weeks;" and Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland. There are over sixty surnames in this volume alone.

Title: The Scottish Nation

Publisher: Heritage Books

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition:BRAND NEW

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The Scottish Nation PDF Online

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Thanks, Just saved to my cloud drive
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The Scottish Nation PDF Online

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thanks buddy let me look what we have here ;)
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The Scottish Nation Kindle

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Many thanx to OP for quick response.
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The Scottish Nation Ebook EPUB

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Thank what you have and take action!!!
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The Scottish Nation PDF Online

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Thanks for the links. Nothing like what I thought it was.
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The Scottish Nation DOCX

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another good share thanks
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The Scottish Nation PDF Online

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great share, great work, Reps added.
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