A Million Tiny Pieces -

A Million Tiny Pieces -

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A Million Tiny Pieces -

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Ebook Details:

Author: Nicole Edwards
ISBN: 9781504605717

[Warning! This book contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.]

[Read by Jay Crow, Seraphine Valentine, William James]

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards delivers a new, stand-alone tale of love, lust, and incredible passion.

Mia Cantrell is happy to be rid of her lying, cheating ex-husband. With her divorce final, Mia is moving on, grasping the reins of life once more. Shes learning to deal with the shattered remains while putting one foot in front of the other, taking control of her own decisions, and ultimately living one day at a time. Too bad the universe has put a hiccup or two in her carefully plotted plan.

Phoenix Pierce is putting the pieces back together after the death of his father. Despite his multimillion-dollar company, the NHL team he now owns, and the endless supply of women willing to share a bed for one night of uninhibited sex, he finds himself just going through the motions - until he meets Mia. Although hes on a mission to win her, that doesnt solve his problem of the other person he wants ? the man he has denied himself for years.

Tarik Marx doesnt think anyone could ever fill the void in his life the way Phoenix unknowingly has. That is, until he meets Mia. Thanks to a fractured childhood, Tarik has to face a bigger problem: he doesnt know how it feels to be loved. His past adds additional complexity when Tarik finds himself trying to figure out how he can have them both.

Is it possible for a million tiny pieces to come together again? And if they do, will that make the bond even stronger than before?

[Note: This audiobook contains explicit material and is meant for mature audiences.]

Title: A Million Tiny Pieces -

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Book Condition:BRAND NEW

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A Million Tiny Pieces - Ebook PDF

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A Million Tiny Pieces - Ebook MOBI

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A Million Tiny Pieces - DOCX

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A Million Tiny Pieces - Ebook EPUB

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