The Rover Boys in the Air

The Rover Boys in the Air

» 17.07.2017 17:13

The Rover Boys in the Air

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Ebook Details:

Author: Arthur M. Winfield
ISBN: 9781421841342
Fo de land sakes, Massa Dick, wot am dat contraption yo boys dun put togedder back ob de bahn yesterday? "Why, Aleck, dont you know what that is?" returned Dick Rover, with a smile at the colored man. "Thats a biplane." "A biplane, eh?" repeated Alexander Pop, the colored helper around the Rover homestead. He scratched his woolly head thoughtfully. "Yo dont mean to say it am lak a plane a carpenter man uses, does yo, Massa Dick? Pears lak to me it was moah lak some ship sails layin down,-somethin lak dem ships we see over in Africy, when we went into dem jungles to find yo fadder."

Title: The Rover Boys in the Air

Publisher: 1st World Library - Literary Society

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Hardcover

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The Rover Boys in the Air Ebook EPUB

» 23.07.2017 11:44

Thanks for the update
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The Rover Boys in the Air EPUB

» 31.07.2017 18:14

Thank you in advance for the links.
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