The Hunter from the Woods

The Hunter from the Woods

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The Hunter from the Woods

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Author: Robert McCammon; Vincent Chong [Illustrator]
ISBN: 9781596064133
The Hunter from the Woods marks the much-anticipated return of Michael Gallatin, the lycanthropic hero of Robert McCammons 1989 classic, The Wolfs Hour. These all-new, interlinked stories offer a full measure of McCammons trademark narrative excitement, and comprise a fascinating composite portrait of a unique fictional creation.

The volume opens with a pair of brief glimpses into Michaels early life in Russia and his initial recruitment into the British Secret Service. It ends with a haunting vision of the werewolf at twilight. In between, McCammon gives us three stellar novellas depicting different phases of Michaels long, brutal war against Nazi Germany. Sea Chase is a nautical tale about the hazards of transporting a defecting German scientist to a place of sanctuary in England. The Wolf and the Eagle is the account of an unlikely friendship between rival men of action and a harrowing portrayal of a lethal forced march through the North African desert. The Room at the Bottom of the Stairs tells of an impossible, ultimately tragic love affair set in the embattled city of Berlin during the latter stages of the war.

Erotic, visceral, and filled with moments of desolating horror and unexpected warmth, The Hunter from the Woods is a triumph of imaginative storytelling. Like the best of McCammons earlier work, it offers intelligent, world-class entertainment. In the process, it shines a welcome new light on one of the most uncommon heroes in contemporary fiction.

Title: The Hunter from the Woods

Publisher: Subterranean

Publication Date: 2011

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:Collectible: Like New

Signed: Signed by Author

Edition: First Edition.

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The Hunter from the Woods Ebook PDF

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The Hunter from the Woods MOBI

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The Hunter from the Woods Ebook PDF

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The Hunter from the Woods Ebook

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The Hunter from the Woods Ebook PDF

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