Ward Six and Other Stories

Ward Six and Other Stories

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Ward Six and Other Stories

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Ebook Details:

Author: Anton Chekhov
ISBN: 9781412811859

The six stories-Ward Six, The Duel, A Dull Story, My Life, The Name Day Party, and In the Ravine-here presented in memorable translations-represent Chekhovs narrative genius at the full range and power of its maturity. As masterfully constructed as his earlier stories, but with far greater richness and dimension, they deal with human beings suffering the pain of existence, their lives illumined by the authors rigorous objectivity.

The novella Ward Six, with its hauntingly symbolic depiction of the world of an insane asylum; The Duel, with its theme of moral degradation, its hint of regeneration; and A Dull Story, with its relentless depiction of a culture that corrupts and alienates; these and others present a vivid portrait of a blighted society, seen through the eyes of a writer whose understanding of "human foolishness" is without equal.

Chekhov demands much of his readers, but gives much in return: The reader is challenged to collaborate in the experience of the story, to interpret it in the way an actor interprets the text of a play, or a musician a score. A good "performance" by the reader will yield a very great reward. As these stories grew in length they grew in complexity. They sometimes appear to embrace the entire community of Russia itself.

Title: Ward Six and Other Stories

Publisher: Transaction Large Print

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Ward Six and Other Stories Ebook PDF

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Ward Six and Other Stories EPUB

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Ward Six and Other Stories Ebook EPUB

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Ward Six and Other Stories Read

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Ward Six and Other Stories Ebook

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Ward Six and Other Stories Ebook DOCX

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