Recognition Strategies That Work

Recognition Strategies That Work

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Recognition Strategies That Work

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Author: Cindy Ventrice
ISBN: 9780979561504
A companion guide to the best-selling book Make Their Day: Employee Recognition That Works, this book guides managers through the process of developing a long-lasting recognition habit that will help reduce turnover and increase employee engagement. Recognition Strategies That Work provides a practical, step by step implementation plan that shows managers how to build recognition into their busy workdays.

Learn why recognition is important, what makes recognition work, why recognition from the manager is most important, and how you deliver the most meaningful recognition. Activities include a relationship self-assessment, implementation guide, and opportunities to test what you know. The book also includes a 15-week discussion guide for management teams that want to build their recognition muscle!


Part One - Why Bother?
Return on Investment
Recognition Band-Aids Never Work

Part Two - What Is It?
What Makes Recognition Meaningful?
Is This Recognition - Scenarios
The Four Elements
Relationship Self-Assessment

Part Three - Who Provides It?
50/30/20 Rule
The Managers Role
Peer Recognition
The Organization
Bumping Into Your Organizationss Values

Part Four - How Do You Deliver?
Strategies for Effective Delivery
Tips for Developing the Recognition Habit
Assess Your Progress
Enhancing Recognition
Recognition Ideas
Think Awards

Part Five - Where Do You Go from Here?
One Small Step at a Time
Ten Tips for Employee Recogniton that Works
Recognition and the Underperformer
Presenting an Award for Maximum Impact

Awarding Relationships
Peer Group Study Guides

Title: Recognition Strategies That Work

Publisher: Potential Unlimited Publishing

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition:Acceptable

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Recognition Strategies That Work EPUB

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Recognition Strategies That Work MOBI

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Recognition Strategies That Work MOBI Kindle

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Recognition Strategies That Work Ebook PDF

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Recognition Strategies That Work PDF Online

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