Exclusions in Feminist Thought

Exclusions in Feminist Thought

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Exclusions in Feminist Thought

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Author: Brewer, Mary F. (EDT)
ISBN: 9781902210636
What does feminism mean at the millennium? Can we say that such a thing as a women?s movement exists anymore, and, if so, in what form? Why are so few women willing to identify as feminist; are we really post-feminism, or do we still need a woman-centered political discourse? And what might a feminist theory and practice capable of addressing the aspirations of all women look like? These are the fundamental questions about women?s needs, experiences, and ideas explored in this volume. … This powerful and empowering volume challenges conventional notions about differences of race, class and sexuality among women, bringing critical insights from the fields of anthropology, cultural and ethnic studies, history, sociology, and literary studies. … Examined in this collection are many aspects of exclusion in feminist thought, including womens use of masculinist theory, the processes of tokenism and erasure prevalent in educational institutions, and the status of women in erotic discourse.

Title: Exclusions in Feminist Thought

Publisher: Paul and Co Pub Consortium

Publication Date: 2002

Binding: HRD

Book Condition:New

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Exclusions in Feminist Thought Kindle

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