Commutative Semigroups Advances in Mathematics

Commutative Semigroups Advances in Mathematics

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Commutative Semigroups Advances in Mathematics

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Author: P. A. Grillet
ISBN: 9781441948571
The first book on commutative semigroups was Redeis The theory of .finitely generated commutative semigroups, published in Budapest in 1956. Subsequent years have brought much progress. By 1975 the structure of finite commutative semigroups was fairly well understood. Recent results have perfected this understanding and extended it to finitely generated semigroups. Todays coherent and powerful structure theory is the central subject of the present book. 1. Commutative semigroups are more important than is suggested by the stan­ dard examples ofsemigroups, which consist ofvarious kinds oftransformations or arise from finite automata, and are usually quite noncommutative. Commutative of factoriza­ semigroups provide a natural setting and a useful tool for the study tion in rings. Additive subsemigroups of N and Nn have close ties to algebraic geometry. Commutative rings are constructed from commutative semigroups as semigroup algebras or power series rings. These areas are all subjects of active research and together account for about half of all current papers on commutative semi groups. Commutative results also invite generalization to larger classes of semigroups. Archimedean decompositions, a comparatively small part oftodays arsenal, have been generalized extensively, as shown for instance in the upcoming books by Nagy [2001] and Ciric [2002].

Title: Commutative Semigroups Advances in ...

Publisher: Springer

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Commutative Semigroups Advances in Mathematics DOCX

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Commutative Semigroups Advances in Mathematics Ebook PDF

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